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Entrepreneur, Coach
Facilitateur Certifié Access Consciousness
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Reprendre sa vie en Main
Entrepreneur, Coach
Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator
Business and Money
Receive a tool box to develop
your activity and increase your income.
Business and Money
Do think you have a money problem?
Or have no idea how to be in  business? 
What if there were no problems?

In this one day class, you will start to  discover what’s truly possible in business and your finances.
This is not  just for corporates, business owners or entrepreneurs as you will discover what you can create in and as your life.
Learn to ask questions that will change
limitations, and start creating
something greater than what you have
considered before in your business
and finances.

"It’s your life, this is not a test –  you get to choose it,
you get to create it, and it’s allowed to be fun for you and you are allowed to ask for more."
founder and  author of JOY OF BUSINESS
Who I am ?
I have been an IT consultant since almost 30 years and managed several projects and companies in France and in Europe. 

Since many years I help people to discover their potential and go beyond their limits. That’s how I became a personal development coach and help people to start their own business.

Since 2015 I am life coach to help people in their life and at the end of 2016 I discovered Access Consciousness tools. 
It was totally new for me who was always in the rational mind, calculated, organized.
After an Access Bars © session, I feel the energy throughout my whole body and my brain go in pause mode.
In few weeks, my reality start to change in an incredible way.

Since 2017 I am an Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator.
In 2018 I became a Joy of Business facilitator.
Progressing in Access allowed me to connect to myself, my body and gain greater serenity.

That's how I became Maestro in 2018. The tools are here for "Being you" and help to see things in a different way.
Always in search of new possibilities I now wants to be a contribution to change the world and invite people to look in a different way and appreciate the Joy of living and working.
Business can be done with fun!
With Simone MILASAS and the Francophone team during the facilitator training "Joy of business".
Venise – July 2018
What is a "Business & Money workshop?
It’s a day live (or online) that allows you to take time to revisit your
Business (or to start your business).
👉🏻What if your life was your business ... and your business, your life?
👉🏻And if the money followed the joy ... and not the other way around?
👉🏻And if business was the adventure of living? 😲

What contribution could we be for ourselves and the world?
Do you want to discover an original way of doing business with ease?
This is what is proposed in this Business & Money workshop.
The ease of Access tools
All this is done in simplicity with Access Consciousness tools, to take you to another space of possibilities that suits you and with the sweetness that characterizes me.
During this day you benefit from my facilitation in live for the group and personalized.
Would it be OK to connect with yourself and your infinite potential to grow your business like you've never done before?
The Joy of Business is for 
« Business must be happy, business must be fun. 

The principles of Joy of Business do not just apply only to people doing business. They are working dynamically if you are a business person and also for all of us in our lives.
The principles of Joy of Business are essential to create your life, change your financial situation, create a future different from the one you have right now!
If you start to apply the principles of Joy of Business to your life, your family, your finances, it happens that you start having more joy in these areas.
Imagine no longer suffering when you see the balance of your bank account every month. Imagine it's there and you can change it. And you can change it with ease and have joy with all of this. »
Presentation of Joy of Business by Dr Dain Heer (co-founder of Access) and Simone Milasas (founder of Joy of Business) : 
Here are some testimonial from people who attend to Joy of Business workshop...
In BUDAPEST in November 2018. One day class Joy of Business!
Céline - November 2018 - PARIS (FRANCE)

« Wow what a phenomenal Joy Of Business Class with Christian Verny yesterday in Paris !
« Everdy day is new. There are always more possibilities available. All you have to do is ask ». JOB
A new question that makes me giggling « What possibilities are available that I haven’t asked yet ? »
So grateful for you Christian for who you being you, your vulnerabilty, your kindness, your joy, your amazing facilitation and so much more🙏💙🦋 . »
Michèle - October 2018 - MONTPELIER (FRANCE)

« I followed the class "The Joy of Business" led by Christian Verny.
I had read the book of Simone Milasas, exciting and enlightening, but participating in the class has taken another dimension.
A lively class, animated and happy. Christian has a very soothing presence, gentleness, joy and power.
Thus, each participant was able to express their current experience in relation to business, money, with its own difficulties, doubts, fears.
With a lot of listening, and in an energetic approach, Christian was able to reveal the blockages created by the mind and bring each to find a relaxation, a space of freedom and joy.
It has been 15 days since the class took place; this is little, and already changes are manifesting themselves.
For me, new possibilities presented themselves and not necessarily as I imagined. It's the magic of energy; it's the magic of the universe!
Thank you Christian. » 
Simone - October 2018 - MONTPELIER (FRANCE)

« Superb powerful and interactive class that allowed me a few days later to open more the door to receive and to welcome money in an unpredictable way, with joy and gratitude.
A beautiful release also of the hidden intention in my business to want to prove my value to my family, nothing to prove !!! I recognize my infinite value 😊
Infinite gratitude to Christian for the gift of his immense benevolence which is good 💖 »

Emma - October 2018 - MONTPELIER (FRANCE)

« What a sweet facilitation from Christian. A day filled with awareness beyond business and money, with an invaluable gift at the end of the day. » 
Céline - September 2018 - NICE (FRANCE)

« If there is a class that is fun, it's the Joy of Business with Christian Verny.
I attended this class in September and doing my business became a game and much more joyful.
Until now I had this belief that business must be serious and grave. Since it sparkles and it's happy.
And the result, by applying the tools of Access and guided by Christian by clearing my limiting beliefs:
I ended up the month of September with a turnover tripled immediately. Ah ah and from the first month! »

Thanks and gratitude for Access, Christian Verny, Simone Milasas, Gary Douglas and Dain Heer.
What is possible for the next months and more that we cannot imagine in our reality? "
Investment for this workshop
Business & Money
Prerequisite : none.

Have you ever asked yourself these questions?

  •  What is the price of what does not work in your life or in your business?
  •  How long will it last?
  •  What is the value of hanging on that?
  •  What is the price you are willing to put to change your reality for your business in 3 days?

Investment for   the day:

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